We are deploying educational and training complexes for tactical medicine that will save the lives of Ukrainian defenders. The project is run in cooperation with Ciklum, a global IT service provider.

Our goal   20 800 000 ₴

Our progress

6 860 000 uah

Our goal   20 800 000 ₴

Project goals

Deploy 8 mobile educational and training complexes for tactical medicine at training grounds in the north, south, east, and west of Ukraine.

Fully provide classrooms with educational and specialized training equipment as well as training consumables.

Train instructors according to the approved standard. This will ensure every member of the Defense Forces is able to provide first aid at the TCCC ASM level.

Facts & figures

1,6-6 mil uah
cost of one training center

depending on the number of classrooms and training ground capacity

≈ 96 instructors
to be trained

≈200 thousand servicemen to be trained per year by 8 centers

≈ 840 servicemen
to be trained per year by 8 centers

≈ 8 hours is the duration of one course


The first one was set up on the basis of one of the Armed Forces of Ukraine's training grounds in March, thanks to a contribution from Ciklum. The last one was launched in July.

19 053 342.17 uah
- the cost of tents and all the necessary equipment purchased by the Come Back Alive Foundation to launch 25 training classes at eight training grounds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. ≈ UAH 1.7 million will be spent on replacing worn-out equipment and purchasing additional items

87 instructors
have been trained to teach the TCCS-ASM course

≈13 000 recruits
receive basic knowledge of tactical medicine in 8 training centers per month


What makes tactical medicine so significant? Tactical medicine saves lives. Not in a symbolic sense, but literally. Survival on a battlefield for wounded soldiers and their comrades-in-arms depends on the knowledge of tactical medicine. Unofficial statistics indicate that in 95% of cases where servicemen's lives were eventually saved, servicemen had only 1 to 10 minutes to receive first aid. However, this was only possible if there were comrades-in-arms trained to provide high-quality and prompt aid next to the wounded ones. Knowledge of tactical medicine can also be applied to save the lives of civilians who are injured during hostilities.
Why train instructors when you can teach tactical medicine directly to soldiers? After the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, the number of servicemen in the Defense Forces of Ukraine increased manifold. Usually a mobilized soldier has no knowledge of tactical medicine. Therefore, teaching tactical medicine to them is not just a knowledge update or training, it is a comprehensive training process with material honing through multiple practical exercises. To train enough soldiers, the army lacks qualified instructors. The "Holding you” project will train such specialists and servicemen in a centralized manner and in compliance with established international protocols.
What exactly does the Foundation pay for? Come Back Alive purchases equipment for mobile educational and training centers, including:
  • Field training classrooms (tents + power supply and heating system);
  • Equipment for classrooms (projector, screen, chairs, etc.);
  • Simulation equipment, including training dummies;
  • Training consumables (tourniquets, bandages, splints, etc.);
  • Training kits (a basic set of equipment for instructors for conducting classes on the TССС ASM course).
How will Come Back Alive monitor the quality of soldiers' training? The Ukrainian Military Medical Academy together with the instructors of the Foundation will control the quality of training at the newly created educational and training centers.